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What is soket?

An event management, promotion, and syndication platform for local businesses and organizations.

Your Events Calendar

Using a combination of magic and technology (mag-ology), we’ve developed a two step process to get your events and specials to as many places as possible with as little effort as possible.

  • Step 1 Add your events and specials to soket.
  • Step 2 Sit back and relax as your content automatically shows up across the interwebs.

What kinds of events and specials?

Happy Hours, brunch, Karaoke, DJ’s, pool tournaments, movie nights, meetups, gallery openings, Taco Tuesdays… all those things people love.

The soket2me App

The events you add in soket appear on your website AND are automatically promoted in our soket2me consumer app.

How it Works


Essentials - $9/month

A powerful event calendar for your website and your events automatically promoted on soket2me app.

Add a soket calendar to your site in about 45 seconds!

You get:

  • Professional look
  • Responsive design (that means it looks good on mobile devices)
  • Tile, month, or list view
  • Event sharing to Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message to help your events go viral
  • “Add to Calendar,” so people don’t forget to show up
  • “Buy ticket” link for paid events

Syndication - $39/month

Amplify your events and specials even further, with everything from soket Essentials, plus more.

Local publishers want interesting content for their audiences, so we partner with them and deliver events their audience will love. Our publisher partners include:

  • Newspapers
  • Business associations
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Special interest groups
  • Property management companies

You don’t have to do anything. We make the partnerships and your content keeps reaching more and more people.

Social - $20/month (add-on)

Add soket Social to Essentials or Syndication and get powerful tools to manage your postings and interactions on Facebook and Twitter as well as awesome “social listening tools.” Want to know every time you’re mentioned in a news article, your competitor is mentioned, or someone within 1 miles says “hungry?” soket Social is for you.

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